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Rock n Roll Pad is an exciting rock destination in Jaipur. Recently #TeamUpside covered an event with talented, young artists from all over the world. The event was a tribute to Lucky Ali and was held at Balance Studio Jaipur.
Gorgeous diamond, kundan and polki jewels from @palatial.jewellery caught our attention and eye. What’s better? The client had a beautiful garden just right for photoshoots of their jewellery. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous images. DM them on Instagram or hit the deets below:📩: palatialjewellery@gmail.com 📱 : +91 9928422305 By
Infusing art in everything they create, Swati Ubroi is a fashion label in Jaipur, with gorgeous handcrafted traditional wear.  They aim to create an everlasting bond between the colours of India and the fashion industry. The handwork is so intricate and detailed, and the silhouettes are original, refreshing and most
A fun and fabulous shopping experience is what @shopviolla is all about. Shop Violla is an e-commerce website for fashion brought to you by Shreya Juneja, hailing from Jaipur. Be it chic styles for clothing & accessories, traditional jewellery, handcrafted face masks, the latest in style, Shop Violla has it
When you meet Tithi, she’s so vibrant and full of energy. Sometimes you visualise a yogi to be calm, serene, and quiet, and Tithi is exactly the opposite.Her partner Rohan, is quite her twin soul. With a keen interest in fitness, the two of them started the Balance Studio together.
‘Sweet somethings’ feat. The Jaipur Bakery Weekend home photoshoots mean calling in for something sweet! We found @thejaipurbakery and immediately fell in love with their jar cakes, if they already looked so good, just imagine the pictures that would come out. @thejaipurbakery is founded by Dr. Subhi, and her partner-in-crime,
Coe Textiles started with a love affair for finely crafted clothing. From a young age, Amanda Coe found beauty in pieces handed down to her by her grandmother. A camel colored coat made from felted cashmere and a detachable mink collar was among her favorites. Every inch of the coat
Think raw, arid, vibrant Rajasthan…think sun, sand and earth, think bold color, think tough terrain of erstwhile Maarwar, think passionate love and passionate war….all of this inspires Brand Maarwan, which derives its name and spirit from legend and folklore of the desert and stands tall in the handcrafted, sustainable fashion
We came across The Lit Kitchen Jaipur, while cruising through our feed.  Started post the lockdown in May 2020, The Lit Kitchen offers the perfect combination of Lebanese, Italian and Thai cuisine with vegetarian ingredients. We thought we’ll call in for some Saturday evening dinner & also shoot some droolworthy
Bubbly, energetic, full of positivity, and hope, Shreya Bhandari is an artist like not many others in India. She makes gorgeous nearly-perfect, absolutely gorgeous flowers in her studio Anthea Creation. The photoshoot we did thus had to match the energy, vibrancy and positivity of this sweet artist. Anthea creation has
If it has to come down to two things I love, it would be food and photography. I’ve always loved preparing simple but nutritious food, and this quarantine period gave me the opportunity to do the two things I love most. I prepared this simple Spaghetti Aglio E Olio Props
Breezy February winters in Jaipur got even better in 2019, when Upasana Kumar started The Farmer’s Market after being inspired by a conversation about locally spreading the concept of organic and local produce / products to different communities in Jaipur. Breezy February winters in Jaipur got even better in 2019,
If it’s one restaurant and client we love frequenting, it has to be zolocrust. It’s a one-of-a-kind restaurant where the chefs do all the work, from taking the order, to the billing, to operations, and even managing the kitchen along with the cleaning. What we absolutely love is the fresh,
As a seasoned literature fest attendee, I have decided to compile a list of things that you should have a look at before you enter the world of interesting conversations and delicious chai.
We’ve rounded up kite festivals from all around the world that you can fit into your calendar and start on that ‘travel more’ resolution you made for 2018.
There’s something definitely magical about hearing some great music surrounded by people from all over the world under a sky full of stars with the cool sand under your feet. It’s an experience of a lifetime!
Here’s why you should be at this artist residency program
good or bad art is ultimately an extension of thoughts, emotions, and ideas in a language that is universal and timeless, Jaipur Kala chaupal is a 14-day long artist residency and exhibition program that was started along this line of thought itself.
Somewhere between light and dark; they found a perfect combo of tint and shade. Their photographs have traversed boundaries; capturing smile and each picturesque place. They are the photographers of India who speak through awe-inspiring clicks.Their pictures extract the extraordinary from the ordinary. They are the ones who find their
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Some of my weekends are spent lazing around the house annoying my mum, or maybe catching up with friends for some banter. Others are spent partying till the early break of dawn followed by days of regret over poor choices. Well. Last weekend was different. Last weekend I attended the
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Sometime in November 2015. Sometimes, wedding invitations can get really annoying. Like, are you ready for that? Are you sure? Bro, your life’s going to change. But this one, it was a little different. A cousin’s. Had to plan a crazy bachelor’s which he would remember for a lifetime. We
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Well, well. We’re sure you have quite the artistic eye, and must be following all ’em artistic accounts on Instagram. Let us help you add to the list and add some more inspiration to your feed. The Big Fat Minimalist  From apna very own ‘Bambbaii’, we love how Aniruddh captures
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There’s not a lot of art that can be compared to Murad Osmann’s photos that broke the internet. Just when we thought so, we stumbled upon Sakshi’s profile. She is a young, wanderlust-stricken solo female traveler from India. Check out some of her photographs that we absolutely dig. 1.Footprints in the