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Rock n Roll Pad is an exciting rock destination in Jaipur. Recently #TeamUpside covered an event with talented, young artists from all over the world. The event was a tribute to Lucky Ali and was held at Balance Studio Jaipur.
As a seasoned literature fest attendee, I have decided to compile a list of things that you should have a look at before you enter the world of interesting conversations and delicious chai.
We’ve rounded up kite festivals from all around the world that you can fit into your calendar and start on that ‘travel more’ resolution you made for 2018.
There’s something definitely magical about hearing some great music surrounded by people from all over the world under a sky full of stars with the cool sand under your feet. It’s an experience of a lifetime!
Here’s why you should be at this artist residency program
good or bad art is ultimately an extension of thoughts, emotions, and ideas in a language that is universal and timeless, Jaipur Kala chaupal is a 14-day long artist residency and exhibition program that was started along this line of thought itself.
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Some of my weekends are spent lazing around the house annoying my mum, or maybe catching up with friends for some banter. Others are spent partying till the early break of dawn followed by days of regret over poor choices. Well. Last weekend was different. Last weekend I attended the
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Well, well. We’re sure you have quite the artistic eye, and must be following all ’em artistic accounts on Instagram. Let us help you add to the list and add some more inspiration to your feed. The Big Fat Minimalist  From apna very own ‘Bambbaii’, we love how Aniruddh captures