Where flowers bloom, so does hope feat. Anthea Creation

Bubbly, energetic, full of positivity, and hope, Shreya Bhandari is an artist like not many others in India. She makes gorgeous nearly-perfect, absolutely gorgeous flowers in her studio Anthea Creation.

The photoshoot we did thus had to match the energy, vibrancy and positivity of this sweet artist.

Anthea creation has beautiful handcrafted gifts that are decorated with ornate, handcrafted clay flowers which are a sight to behold. What I loved about the art is that you can see fingerprints of the artist on the flowers, as if nature herself had created it.

A few pictures of the flower-making process.

The process seems quite simple but requires a lot of patience. The clay is first rolled and moulded into petal shapes. The petals are then left out for drying which can sometimes take more than a day. Each of the dried petals is then gathered to form the flower desired & the flowers are left to dry before pasting onto the bouquet.

Follow Anthea Creation on Instagram for more of her art, mandalas, sketches, creative process and more. For bespoke, handcrafted gifts you can visit their studio at Akash Ganga Apartments, Bais godam.

If you like the outcome of the photoshoot, drop us an email at hello@theupsidestory.com. 😉

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